Saturday 15 August 2020
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Lapu-Lapu City sets up coffins in checkpoints to warn the public

CEBU, Philippines – To prove he is dead serious in the fight against the coronavirus,  Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan unveiled his new strategy to convince his constituents that they are facing a dire situation. The Lapu-Lapu City Mayor said that starting Tuesday, July 7, checkpoints around the city will have a coffin, to capture a funereal mood and to remind the public of the consequences of flaunting quarantine guidelines. The coffins spread out all over city would also have signs in Cebuano which say:  (The persons in this coffin) “died because they did not wear mask” and “Stay at home so you don’t end up in a coffin.”
Earlier Tuesday afternoon, the campaign was launched on the Sergio Osmeña Bridge, complete with informative leaflets and the trappings of a funeral parlor. Chan said that funeral songs were also played around the city to send out the message that catching the highly-infectious coronavirus  could be fatal. “Why are we doing this? So many of our brothers are hard-headed. So many still do not understand COVID-19. We will keep repeating that COVID-19, indeed kills”, said the mayor.   Aside from the odd tactic, the mayor announced that Lapu-Lapu City would purchase vitamin C supplements for residents, and flu vaccines for areas hit with the flu. The mayor assured the public that persons who get sick of COVID-19 will be assisted by the provincial government. Their families will be provided for and they will take swab tests for extra precaution. “Because our residents go out for work, they don’t realize they are carriers. If you have a fever or cough, immediately inform the local government.”, said Chan. During the press conference, the mayor said that the provincial board would pass on Thursday “Be a Responsible Warriors Texter” Ordinance.   The ordinance would allow citizens to immediately report to authorities those who violate the quarantine. This will help the police and and concerned authorities to respond immediately. The mayor reminded the public that everyone must stay concerned and follow quarantine procedures at all costs. “Face mask is very important. With a face mask, we don’t spread the virus among ourselves,” Chan added. As of this writing, Lapu-Lapu City has reported 25 new confirmed cases of coronavirus. –

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